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Prenatal massage is so rewarding. A woman's body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy and massage therapy can help ease the pain and muscle tension caused by the extra weight of carrying a baby.

Pregnancy Massage Bellingham WA
With a prenatal massage at Bloom, you will be able to leave the tensions of pregnancy at the door during your hour long massage. 


We have been given the opportunity to massage many women during their pregnancies and really love it! We understand that your body will be going through different phases of aches and pains during your pregnancy and know that massage therapy can provide relief. Massage therapy is safe during all three trimesters of pregnancy and can be received up until your due date (or beyond!). 


Also, postnatal massage can be very beneficial after you have had your baby as your body adjusts after giving birth. If you happen to have a c-section, we can work with your scar after you have healed for 8 weeks, to make sure it doesn't adhere to any organs or muscles.


If you have any medical concerns about whether massage therapy is safe for you during your pregnancy, or when massage therapy is safe for you after giving birth, please contact your Doctor or Midwife. 

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