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Abdominal massage, also known as visceral manipulation, is used to help restore the circulation, health and general well being of the visceral organs and pelvic bowl.

Visceral massage can be useful at different stages of life and, for women especially, it can be helpful to reduce pelvic pain and enhance fertility. 

Fertility Massage:

We recommend a minimum of 6 massages over a period of 3 - 6 weeks. We prefer 90 minute sessions to give us time to bring circulation to the pelvic organs and loosen any constrictions we may find. We realize that may not be possible due to time constraints, etc, so suggest that at least the first fertility massage you schedule be 90 minutes and then you are welcome to book 60 or 90 minute sessions after that. Our goal with the therapy is to make sure the ovaries and uterus are in their optimum positions and to soften any scar tissue or adhesions to increase circulation to the reproductive organs. Massage for fertility can be effective at preparing you to conceive naturally but can also aid in a medically assisted fertility cycle like an IUI or IVF, you will just want to complete the program before you start taking medication to stimulate your ovaries. We know that going through fertility problems can be incredibly stressful and frustrating, so please feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding fertility massage and if it may be right for you in your journey to conceive.

Abdominal Health:

Visceral massage can be helpful in maintaining or returning the core of your body to a healthful state. Some examples of the benefits of visceral massage are reducing pelvic pain, assisting with post surgical and postnatal relief, assisting with digestive health and maintaining the health of your visceral organs. Our goal with these sessions is to optimize the circulation in the abdominal and pelvic area and relieve any constrictions associated with scar tissue or adhesions. With visceral massage, we will be working directly on your upper, middle and lower abdomen. Please let us know if you have any questions or if you are wondering if visceral massage can be helpful for your specific situation. 


"It is such a pleasure to work with Bloom for my prenatal care. My husband and I were trying for 8 months before I went to see Melissa, and after 3 consecutive sessions I was pregnant! I felt incredibly safe and cared for during my sessions and truly believe this work was a huge part of achieving a healthy pregnancy. I would highly recommend this practice for any woman who is wanting to conceive, pregnant, or postpartum." MB

"I found Bloom Therapeutic and Prenatal massage when I was struggling with persistent pelvic pain, irregular cycles, and had recently received a diagnosis of PCOS. Jenny Reid drastically reduced my symptoms within the first two sessions. I am a frequent massage recipient, but hadn't ever had an experience quite like my sessions with Jenny. She even found a couple of areas of discomfort that I later realized had been causing compensation patterns and discomfort for at least ten years. I am now a true believer of massage for women's health, and encourage any woman with pelvic pain, fertility issues or a frustrated relationship with their reproductive system to give it a try." MP

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