Jenny Reid, LMT, CMLDT


Hi! I'm Jenny Reid and I have been practicing massage therapy since 2008. My first experience with massage was giving foot massages to my mom who was ill at the time. It was comforting for me to be able to give her some relief and it showed me how human touch can be incredibly therapeutic. A few years after that, I was at a cross roads. I intended to use my Art degree from WWU to become an Art teacher, but was curious about massage therapy. My curiosity led me to a weekend introduction to massage class, which felt natural and quickly led to my official training at the Port Townsend School of Massage. 

Over the years I have been refining my skills and following my interests while continuing my education. I worked at a medical massage clinic for 5 years where I had a deep immersion in treatment massage. Then my friends started getting pregnant, so I became certified in prenatal massage. After trying to get pregnant and experiencing infertility, I dove into fertility and pelvic health massage. I've had a couple of abdominal surgeries and have found that abdominal massage is key in helping to keep my scar tissue and adhesions soft, so I studied different abdominal techniques. Early on in my practice I had the privilege of working with a few oncology patients. Lymphatic work has been in the back of my mind since those early experiences and I was finally able to take an advanced training in the Vodder technique of manual lymphatic drainage. My passion is to be able to help women experiencing lymphedema due to side effects of breast cancer treatment, but lymphatic work has other exciting uses as well. In 2017, Washington state mandated a 16 hour breast awareness class for massage therapists to be able to work on breast tissue, so I completed that with the intent to give a full lymphatic massage to those in need.


Outside of massage I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. Travel is important to me and my husband and we like to explore new places and go back to old favorites. I love being outside as much as possible and especially love to adventure with my husband and our dog. I love being in Bellingham and having a business that serves this community. I feel really proud and lucky to work with my strong, incredibly gifted team of talented massage therapists.


Julez Bowman, LMT


Aloha!  I am Julez Bowman.   


I have always known I wanted to be in the health field ever since I was 10 years old.  I loved science and I was intrigued with the human body and how it functioned.  I was inspired by my mom, who was a nurse, and a movie I saw called Regarding Henry.  Watching it made me feel like helping people was a super power. It still does.  I found massage therapy to be the right path for me and it thankfully has been for 15 glorious years so far.  In 2005, I graduated from the advanced massage program at the Wellness and Massage Training Institute in IL with a 3.8 and over 900 hours.  In the same year I received my Associates degree in Applied Sciences from the College of DuPage.  I went on to build my own practice, co-own a massage school for continuing education, and teach massage classes for a local college for 5 years.  


I have worked with many different clients ranging from chronic pain, scar tissue, pre/postnatal, sports/rehab with PNF, fertility, pelvic pain, breast tissue massage, post mastectomy reconstructive surgery, myofascial, neck pain, joint pain, and general relaxation.  My style is conceptually based.  I look for holding patterns in the tissue that can be brought on by habit, posture, trauma, or hereditary conditions, combine what I feel needed from my technique tool belt and apply.  It is different every time and for each individual client.  I believe the body loves to be put in different positions moving, bending, and stretching.  I love to interlace my skills to achieve therapeutic results as well as deep relaxation and I find that using my feet accompishes this very well.  Barefoot Bodywork is one of two passions of mine.  In 2007, I started my journey on becoming certified in Ashiatsu, Sarga Bodywork, and Barefoot Shiatsu.  They all entail using the feet to apply pressure for a more consistant, smoother, and better feeling.  The feet just fit the body and all its contours better and feels more satisfying when it comes to depth and overall coverage.  It allows me to hold stretches longer and sink in deeper.  


My other passion is full spectrum Women's Health.  In 2006, I was first introduced to fertility massage when I got a job at a clinic called Pulling Down The Moon.  I learned a basic abdominal massage technique from the lead therapist and worked alongside an acupuncturist.  It was there where I had my first successful fertility massage client.  This started my wheels turning but hadn't quite jumped the gun diving into more classes.  In 2009, I had surgery for endometriosis that ended up taking one of my ovaries.  I was unable to do barefoot massage until I healed so I sought treatment for pelvic pain, fascial constriction of the bladder, and scar tissue issues.  It helped me so much it was then I started to pursue classes to grow my understanding of pelvic work to heal myself.


I ended up moving to Colorado for a bit, where I met my LMT hubby, and found a lot of people visit the mountains to rehabilitate and restore their health. I saw a fair amount of women with pelvic pain, breast/chest pain from post mastectomy reconstructive surgery, back and neck pain.  I realized then how much of a need there was for massage in Women's Health.  I was not able to pursue this venture at the time as my husband and I opted to do some traveling and I really wanted get back into my barefoot bodywork.  It was 2016 when we landed here in Bellingham.  We are currently on our own fertility/wellness journey IVF planning and using other alternative methods to help the process go smoothly.  Finally becoming happily settled, I am compelled to follow what my heart has been telling me to do for years and focus on the path of building and expanding my knowledge and skills in Women's Health combined with Barefoot Bodywork.  I am planning on pursuing more classes, teaching, getting my yoga certification specializing in prenatal and pelvic rehabilitation, getting certified in infant massage teacher training, expanding on breast tissue massage, fertility and pelvic work.  


I love the Earth. I am and Earth sign and, if you are familiar with Avatar: The Last Airbender, I consider myself a water bender.  This place feeds every inch of my soul with the mountains and the sea.  I enjoy spending my off days with my husband doing outdoor activities, spending time with friends and family, traveling, painting, and hopefully one day with my child. I am happy to be a part of Bloom and the happiness it creates helping people.  

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Elodie Chaplain, LMT


Bonjour! I’m Elodie Chaplain. I’m half French, hence the unusual name. I love learning about human anatomy, physiology, different massage techniques and how they can benefit us, optimize our physical and emotional well-being and enhance our body’s innate ability to heal. I’ve had a fascination with the human body since Mr. Hogarth’s Human Physiology class my senior year of high school. He made that class the most memorable and interesting one of my high school career and ignited a passion for learning more about the human body, how we’re put together, and how we can best take care of this one body we have. I graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Exercise Science in 2007. 


I’ve worked in a diverse array of careers since then, from personal training at PRO Sports Club, to leading active trips with Backroads, to managing programming for seniors at Brookdale. Most recently I worked as a clinic aide at Prime Sports Institute helping clients with recovery modalities and self-care techniques.


Like so many LMTs I’ve met, I personally experienced the astounding difference massage can make. I suffered a debilitating back injury in 2012 that plagued me for nearly three years until I worked with an LMT in Seattle who used a technique called Manual Ligament Therapy. The return to pain-free living felt truly miraculous. I decided then that I want to help make that sort of difference in people’s lives. In 2019, one of my close family members was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. I felt grateful for the massage techniques I had learned to help alleviate some of the pain, swelling, scar tissue and anxiety they experienced after surgery and radiation. We were both amazed by the increased range of motion and stress relief that massage could provide. I feel passionate about working with people to help make a positive impact in individual lives. 


Aside from practicing massage, I adore exploring new places, hiking and trail running, biking, hammocking, getting completely engrossed in a novel, cooking and eating delicious food. 


I look forward to meeting you and bringing the joys of massage to your life!


Liesl Schwerin, LMT


Hello! My name is Liesl (rhymes with diesel), and yes, my parents were big fans of The Sound of Music! Thankfully, I’ve never grown tired of singing along with Julie Andrews. I am so thrilled to be practicing massage at Bloom. I am passionate about health and wellness and offering people an outlet to help navigate through difficult or painful times. Through massage, I strive to provide myofascial and muscular release in a safe, supportive environment, and I seek to bring awareness to body integrity and a stronger sense of presence in one’s physical and spiritual being. The body holds onto hurts, both physical and emotional, in ways we don’t fully understand, but I believe in massage as a powerful tool for fostering empowerment and promoting positive change in our bodies and lives. 



I first started getting regular massages after a motor vehicle accident in 2011, and I was amazed at the changes I’d see in my body immediately following a massage. Massage has also helped me over the years with hormonally related migraines, stress, grief, digestion issues, and chronic tightness in my shoulders. I am so grateful to work in this field and to help promote physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. My interest in complementary and alternative medicine began in college, where I was a psychology major, and really took off when I graduated and began working in the behavioral health field and volunteering at the Integrative Medicine program in the cancer institute where my dad had been a patient. I’m fascinated by mind/body interconnectedness and approach wellness and health accordingly. When I moved to the PNW from the midwest 8 years ago, my career took a new direction when I randomly applied to work at the Flagship REI Seattle store. After several wonderful years working as a retail sales manager with REI in Bellingham, I decided it was time to recommit to my heart’s passion in complementary medicine. I completed my RYT 200 through Power Yoga Academy in Bellingham and began teaching mindfulness and yoga to elementary school students. I am exploring how to make yoga and meditation accessible and affordable for the general public and less of a luxury. After yoga teacher training, I completed the massage program at Whatcom Community College.Yoga and massage bring so much joy, gratitude, and presence to my life. My other life loves are adventuring in the PNW via stand-up paddle boarding and hiking, growing dahlias and veggies in my garden, reading (particularly historical fiction), and exploring with my life partner, Ryan. I would be honored to work with you at Bloom and hope to meet you soon. Cheers to you and your life journey!