Jenny Reid, LMT, CMLDT


Hi! I'm Jenny Reid and I have been practicing massage therapy since 2008. My first experience with massage was giving foot massages to my mom who was ill at the time. It was comforting for me to be able to give her some relief and it showed me how human touch can be incredibly therapeutic. A few years after that, I was at a cross roads. I intended to use my Art degree from WWU to become an Art teacher, but was curious about massage therapy. My curiosity led me to a weekend introduction to massage class, which felt natural and quickly led to my official training at the Port Townsend School of Massage. 

Over the years I have been refining my skills and following my interests while continuing my education. I worked at a medical massage clinic for 5 years where I had a deep immersion in treatment massage. Then my friends started getting pregnant, so I became certified in prenatal massage. After trying to get pregnant and experiencing infertility, I dove into fertility and pelvic health massage. I've had a couple of abdominal surgeries and have found that abdominal massage is key in helping to keep my scar tissue and adhesions soft, so I studied different abdominal techniques. Early on in my practice I had the privilege of working with a few oncology patients. Lymphatic work has been in the back of my mind since those early experiences and I was finally able to take an advanced training in the Vodder technique of manual lymphatic drainage. My passion is to be able to help women experiencing lymphedema due to side effects of breast cancer treatment, but lymphatic work has other exciting uses as well. In 2017, Washington state mandated a 16 hour breast awareness class for massage therapists to be able to work on breast tissue, so I completed that with the intent to give a full lymphatic massage to those in need.


Outside of massage I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. Travel is important to me and my husband and we like to explore new places and go back to old favorites. I love animals, gardening, music, hiking, biking, jogging and staying active. I love being in Bellingham and having a business that serves this community. I'm also really proud to work with both Melissa and Ticker who are strong, incredibly gifted women and talented therapists.

Melissa Herbst, LMT


Hello! My name is Melissa Herbst and I have been practicing massage therapy since 2008. I was fortunate to have my education at The Brenneke School of Massage in Seattle, WA. I knew going into my training that I wanted to specialize in prenatal and postpartum massage. I attended an additional program at The Cortiva Institute that certified me in advanced prenatal and postpartum work. During that time I also had the honor of supporting families as a birth doula. After the births of my own two children, I decided to focus exclusively on my massage practice again. Being a doula greatly informed me on how to care well for women during all of the exciting challenges and joys pregnancy and birth bring along.

I had the great privilege of working at a busy massage clinic in Seattle for seven years before moving to Bellingham. It was there that I worked with many clients to really hone my treatment skills. I have worked with elite athletes, office workers, people injured in motor vehicle accidents or with work related injuries and many other scenarios. Whether you deal with chronic pain, migraines, an injury or simply need to relax, I am confident massage therapy can help make a difference!

When I am not enjoying my work as a massage therapist, you will find me chasing after my wonderful kids or cooking with my husband. I am hoping for many hikes, trail runs and exploring the art and music scene that Bellingham has to offer.

I am so excited to be a part of this lovely community and look forward to working with you!

Shannon "Ticker" Ba-Aye, LMT

Hi!  I’m Shannon Ba-Aye but most people call me Ticker – a nickname my Father gave me after listening to my heart while I was still in the womb.  Since a young age I’ve had a great interest and desire to assist others on their journey to wellness. My life has taken me down various avenues to pursue my quest for knowledge and experience in the practice of wellness and in 2006 I made the move to study massage at the Academy of Healing Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I continued my education with the Institute for Phenomenal Touch in Boulder, CO where I was able to bring all the skills I had learned together to form a very nurturing, three-dimensional massage with seamless strokes, passive stretches, wave like movements and effective release of muscles. I’ve worked with clients dealing with sports and work related injuries, chronic pain, prenatal clients and those looking to unlock stuck energy or tight muscles for greater range of motion and freedom in their body.

I worked in busy spa settings for years and eventually had the opportunity of having my own practice.  After my second child I decided to take a little break from massage and focus on family. While that has filled my heart full I’ve felt a piece of my soul calling to reconnect with the healing world and the community around me through massage and bodywork.

I grew up here in Bellingham and after 13 years away decided to move back with my family from New Orleans, LA.  I’m so happy to be back in the great PNW and able to enjoy all its magnificent offerings from the mountains to the forests to the ocean. I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful place to raise a family!

I strongly believe that as humans we are all connected to some degree and that together we can bring about great change and beauty in the world but we first need to begin by healing our self within.  I find that massage can be a profound way to bring about that healing. When we feel free and whole in our body and mind we’re better able to connect with the world around us and in turn offer healing that can go far beyond our self.  I so look forward to connecting and working with you and your specific needs, facilitating a healing process that can bring you closer to balance, freedom and peace within your body, mind and spirit.

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