From therapeutic massage including deep tissue, relaxation, lymphatic, cupping and oncology, to pre and postnatal massage, we offer a combination of experience and intuition to make your massage as effective as possible. Please see below for a description of the treatments avaiable and contact us with any questions or to set up an appointment.

Treatment and Deep Tissue

Specific, focused work on an injury or particularly tense/painful area for 

all or part of the massage.

Prenatal Massage Bellingham, WA
​Prenatal Massage
Massage during the first through third trimester's of pregnancy. Use of a supportive cushion system for comfort during the massage.
Abdominal Massage

We offer abdominal massage to help with boosting fertility and decreasing pelvic pain. Please see our fertility massage page and our Facebook page for more information about fertility massage.

Postnatal Massage

Restorative massage in the days and months after giving birth. Focus can be on scar tissue reduction after a C-section, hip muscle tension release after a birth, or simply relaxation.

Lymphatic Massage

Gentle use of the Vodder technique to help circulate lymph and interstitial fluid. Lymphatic massage is subtle, relaxing and can help with mild, medically uncomplicated lymphedema.

Massage Packages

Prepay for a package of 5 one hour massages for $350, which is a $25 savings!

Prepay for a package of 4 90 minute massages for $400, a savings of $20!



Use of silicone cups to help break up adhesions and promote circulation to a muscle or group of muscles.

Massage Package


Prepay for a package of 5 one hour massages for $325, which is a $25 savings!


Gift Certificate 

Purchase a gift certificate and call or email us to let us know if you would like to pick it up or have it mailed. $75 for one hour or $105 for 90 minutes.



Full body massage to help relieve stress and tension from your body and mind. Swedish massage technique increases circulation, relaxation and wellness.

Bill Payment


If you've received an invoice from us and would like to make a payment online, feel free to hit the button below. Enter the amount due on your invoice, thanks!

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