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​​I offer experienced massage therapy that is both intuitive and effective and fully catered to your specific needs. Whether you are coming in for help recovering from an injury, for relaxation or for a prenatal massage, each massage is catered to your personal needs at the given moment. The time that you are on the table is time for yourself, to heal, relax and recover.


*Rate changes March 1, 2023

Starting in March, I will be restructuring my rate scale. There will be a jump in rate fees, but I will no longer be accepting gratuity. Also, all massages regardless of modality, will be the same cost.

60 minutes - $90.00 ($120 starting 3/1/23)

90 minutes - $120.00 ($150 starting 3/1/23)

*new* 75 minutes - $135 starting 3/1/23

*new* 30 minute post surgical lymph sessions - $90 starting 3/1/23 (please call or email to schedule)

Lymphatic massage 60 minutes - $100.00 (expiring 3/1/23)

Lymphatic massage 90 minutes - $130.00 (expiring 3/1/23)

Visceral massage 60 minutes - $100.00 (expiring 3/1/23)

Visceral massage 90 minutes - $130.00 (expiring 3/1/23)



I currently am accepting MVA and L&I insurance only. Please have your provider fax a referral to me at (360) 483-5530. 


Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday by appointment


119 N. Commercial St. #480

Bellingham, WA  98225

P: (360) 820-0334

F: (360) 483-5530


Please call or email to purchase a gift certificate. 

Pregnancy Massage

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